GDRi Mecano General Meeting

 Toulouse, May 10-12th, 2017




  • Growth and processing of micro and nano-objects
    • Effect of stress, composition, processing route
  • Experimental methods 
    • Stress and strain mapping: TEM, X-Rays, contact,…
    • Mechanical testing: AFM, nanoindentation, micropillar, nanobeams, microtensile…
  • Modeling and simulation:
    • Mesoscale methods: Finite Element, Discrete Dislocation Dynamics,
    • Atomic scale methods : Molecular Dynamics, Ab initio
  • Mechanisms at small scale:
    • Stress relaxation, dislocation, Grain Boundary (GB) engineering, twinning, crack propagation


Invited Speakers

Ruth Schwaiger       Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Riccardo Gatti         LEM-ONERA-CNRS, France

Julien Godet            Insitut PPrime, Poitiers, France

Jonathan Amodeo  MATEIS-INSA Lyon, France


Important dates

Registration deadline: May 2nd, 2017


Deadline Changes:

Abstract submission: Feb 18th, 2017 - March 18th, 2017  March 21th, 2017

Final Program: March 20th, 2017 March 29th, 2017


The conference will take place at CEMES-CNRS, 29 rue Jeanne Marvig, 31500 Toulouse

Exact location here

The easiest way to come to the lab is to take the subway. Line B, direction Ramonville, Stop "Saouzelong". Then walk to the lab (see below)


From the train station "Gare Matabiau SNCF": Take the subway, line A, direction "Basso-Cambo", change to line B at the first stop "Jean-Jaurès". Take line B, direction "Ramonville", stop "Saouzelong"

From the airport "Toulouse-Blagnac": 2 options:

  • Cheap and slow: Take the tramway line T2 at the airport to "Palais de Justice". At "Palais de Justice", take the subway, line B towards "Ramonville" and stop at "Saouzelong" €1.6. More than 45 minutes
  • Faster and more expensive: take the shuttle to downtown. Get down at the first stop "Compans -Cafarelli",  take the subway, line B towards "Ramonville" and stop at "Saouzelong" - €8 one way. About 35 minutes

You can also take a cab. This is generally the fastest option (about 20 minutes), except at peak hours (8-9 in the morning, 17-19h i the afternoon). About €35

Finally, a nice option is "Velo Toulouse". €1/ bike rent. 30 min free. More info here (sorry, I did not find an English version)

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